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Photography Fees

Professional Photographers must purchase a photographer pass before their photography session. 

Photography & Video Etiquette

We encourage visitors to take casual photographs and videos for their own personal use and/or for sharing on social media. That being said, we ask that all guests, as well as professional photographers follow the guidelines below.

  • While shooting pictures, photographers cannot block off any area. 

  • Photographers and participants should encourage visitors to walk by between poses. 

  • Please do not walk, stand or place tripods in gardens or bare soil. 

  • No plants shall be tied up or modified in any manner.

  • Do not move or change the position of potted plants or remove any signs or labels from planted areas. 

  • Please note that dogs must stay on a leash even during photos.

  • The Arboretum does not allow drone photography without advanced permission. Please contact our Executive Director if you are interested (

  • Lighting equipment and outside props such as drop cloths cannot be used without advanced permission. 

If you are looking to take professional photos, a daily permit is required.

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