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Arboretum Rules & Etiquette

Please follow these rules to help us keep the Arboretum safe and enjoyable for all!

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Be Respectful

  • No tobacco or vaping on the grounds or in the buildings.

  • Leave everything for others to enjoy. Picking, cutting or collecting from plants and nature is not permitted. The only things you can take are the painted rocks from our scavenger hunt.

  • Stay on trails and walkways to protect living plants and soil.

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times.

  • Teachers and chaperones must escort and be responsible for their groups throughout their visit.

  • Please report anything that you see on your visit that may need attention to the Visitor Center. 

Stay Safe

  • Climbing on trees, walls, rocks, and sculptures is not permitted.

  • No wading, fishing, or paddling in ponds, fountains or streams.

  • Park only in designated areas.

  • Bicycles are only permitted in the parking lot, riding on trails, roads, and walkways is not allowed.

  • No children's scooters, skateboards, hammocks, slacklines, or inline skates. 

  • The only motorized vehicles permitted are maintenance vehicles, gardeners, and people using compost (unless it is for a special event). 

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

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