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Can I take my dog to the Arb?

Your pup is welcome at the Arboretum as long as they are on a leash. Our leash rule is to protect your dog as well as others enjoying the trails. Please pick up your pet's waste using the doggy bags and garbage bins provided at the kiosk stations. Ask us how your dog can sign up to be a member and receive a free treat!

Can I take photos at the Arb?

All professional photographers need to stop into the visitor center to sign liability waivers and pay a photography fee. Professional photographers are those that are receiving payment for their service. This includes senior portraits, weddings, children's photography, photos you sell, etc. The fee will cover you and your client's daily pass fees. If you plan on using the Arb as a backdrop for many of your sessions,  find out how a photography membership may benefit you on our Membership page.

Can I bike at the Arb?

The Northland Arboretum does not allow biking of any sort on our trail systems. Our trails weave through precious and rare habitats and our intention is to maintain the integrity of the trails as much as possible. Conveniently, the trailhead for the paved Paul Bunyan Trail, which stretches 120 miles, sits just south of our Visitor Center. If you need to stretch your legs, feel free to walk along our leisurely trails before jumping back on your wheels again.

Can I pick flowers or collect seeds?

The Northland Arboretum is a nonprofit sanctuary for all plants and wildlife. We do not allow flowers to be picked or seeds to be collected.  Animals should not be captured or fed. We wish our visitors and members to operate under the "leave no trace" rule, which includes removing species from the premises, cleaning up garbage after themselves, and protecting this beautiful area for the community.

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